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Image Mining for Disaster Management

Pulse Lab Jakarta is hosting a ‘Research Dive’ from 13th to 16th November in Jakarta, bringing together data innovators from across Indonesia to further disaster management through the sophisticated use

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Imagining a Data Empowered Village

“For a long time now I have been concerned about the function of data… because we do not use the data we have. We only compile and collect data, we

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Data Science for Social Impact Events Roundup

Part of Global Pulse’s mission is to foster connections and support the cross-pollination of data science and policy communities. Events and international conferences, data science workshops, challenges and competitions provide


Translator Gator: Phase I Wrap Up

UN Global Pulse recently finished the Phase I implementation of Translator Gator, a language game that builds taxonomies for research initiatives. Hundreds of people from across Indonesia engaged with the

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Global Pulse Annual Report 2015

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) bring a unique opportunity to mainstream understanding and adoption of big data for development. Since its inception in 2009, Global Pulse has been innovating and

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