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Global Privacy Summit: Recap & Reflections

At Global Pulse, we are advocates for robust data protection and privacy practices, and as the resident Privacy Officer, I was keen to see what would come out of the


Is 2014 Really The Year Of Experimentation?

According to Christian Bason, of the Copenhagen-based "Mind Lab," 2014 will be the year of experimentation. I certainly hope his forecast is on the money as I am about to join the


New Introductory Guide on Big Data for Development

Thanks to attention in the mainstream media, the phrase “big data” is becoming well-known, and is beginning to be discussed more frequently among development practitioners and decision-makers. A steady stream


Data Diving in Washington DC

130 volunteers from the DataKind network, several experts from international organizations and the team from Global Pulse swarmed the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC last month to take part in


The New Data Landscape

Global Pulse is predicated on the understanding that today “new data” is being generated as a by-product of people’s activities at a rate that is unprecedented in human history.  That


Information Seeking Behavior

Global Pulse is looking for signals that could be used as proxy indicators for collective changes in human behaviors in response to the early impacts of crises. In addition to

Open UN Keynote at Social Media Week

I have begun to suspect that the 21st Century’s take on the oft-cited Chinese curse is something along the lines of, “May you have to figure out how to keep

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