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What do people talk about on World Aids Day?

  In recognition of World AIDS Day, Global Pulse presents to you… World AIDS Day in the Twitterverse. In collaboration with our partners at Crimson Hexagon, Global Pulse has been


The New Data Landscape

Global Pulse is predicated on the understanding that today “new data” is being generated as a by-product of people’s activities at a rate that is unprecedented in human history.  That


RIVAF Conference Recap – Part II

The purpose of Day Two of the RIVAF Conference (“Towards a Real-Time Understanding of Emerging Vulnerability“) was perhaps best described in Assistant Secretary-General for Planning and Policy Coordination Robert Orr’s


Crisismappers extend UN capacity in Libya

I’m a crisismapper, and I work for the UN.  Crisismappers are people who provide online information to responders and communities affected by humanitarian crises.  We use social media to do

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