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Phase 2 of Translator Gator Wraps Up

Phase 2 of Translator Gator language game, which UN Global Pulse developed to support disaster management and humanitarian efforts, closed on 31 July — exactly

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FAQs on Translator Gator Pilot 2

What is Translator Gator? Translator Gator is a web-based online game where players are asked to translate keywords related to development and humanitarian action into


Translator Gator: Phase I Wrap Up

UN Global Pulse recently finished the Phase I implementation of Translator Gator, a language game that builds taxonomies for research initiatives. Hundreds of people from

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Translator Gator: The First 50 Days

Since launching Translator Gator on 25th January 2016,  Pulse Lab Jakarta has received a great response from language enthusiasts across Indonesia. Highlighted below are some

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