What We Do

UN Global Pulse works through a network of labs to accelerate the discovery, development, and responsible use of big data and artificial intelligence innovations and policies for sustainable development, humanitarian action, and peace. 

Areas of Work

UN Global Pulse works in three interconnected areas


Explores new applications of big data and artificial intelligence for sustainable development, humanitarian action, and peace. We collaborate with leading research institutions to create high impact data science methodologies for public good.


Contributes to global efforts to establish trusted frameworks for ethical and privacy-protective data practices and for digital cooperation. We provide guidance on policies for the responsible use of data and artificial intelligence.


Provides the UN System and public sector organisations with tools and technical assistance needed for mainstream adoption of data and AI practices. We work to lower barriers to scale, strengthen the innovation ecosystem, and enable institutional adoption.

Implementation Modalities

UN Global Pulse employs three engagement models for working with partners on projects and policies:


Implements data-driven projects with UN and other development and humanitarian partners contributing subject-matter expertise.​


Leads and coordinates multi-sectoral partnerships with governments, private sector, civil society, and academia to implement projects and policies.

Technical Advisor

Provides guidance on policy issues, including data privacy and data ethics, and on technical matters, such as methodologies, AI tools, and data innovation best-practices.​

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