Apr 2013 5,593,770Apr 2013Apr 2014 6,864,457Apr 2014Aug 2012 3,676,467Aug 2012Aug 2013 5,160,392Aug 2013Dec 2012 3,731,408Dec 2012Dec 2013 4,626,337Dec 2013Feb 2013 3,605,643Feb 2013Feb 2014 4,415,418Feb 2014Jan 2013 4,354,730Jan 2013Jan 2014 5,419,600Jan 2014Jul 2013 5,185,901Jul 2013Jun 2013 5,748,094Jun 2013Jun 2014 11,097,142Jun 2014Mar 2013 5,346,790Mar 2013Mar 2014 5,715,742Mar 2014May 2013 5,535,440May 2013May 2014 7,374,555May 2014Nov 2012 4,278,777Nov 2012Nov 2013 5,173,230Nov 2013Oct 2012 4,591,306Oct 2012Oct 2013 4,887,158Oct 2013Sep 2012 3,537,554Sep 2012Sep 2013 4,722,283Sep 2013A good education 14,389,779A good educationAccess to clean water and sanitation 2,207,255Access to clean water and sanitationAction taken on climate change 5,455,398Action taken on climate changeAffordable and nutritious food 2,361,483Affordable and nutritious foodAn honest and responsive government 19,280,764An honest and responsive governmentBetter healthcare 2,056,801Better healthcareBetter job opportunities 17,489,766Better job opportunitiesBetter transport and roads 4,664,333Better transport and roadsEquality between men and women 5,711,659Equality between men and womenFreedom from discrimination 14,925,479Freedom from discriminationPhone and internet access 6,110,225Phone and internet accessPolitical freedoms 8,475,533Political freedomsProtecting forests rivers and oceans 7,166,307Protecting forests rivers and oceansProtection against crime and violence 4,147,924Protection against crime and violenceReliable energy at home 4,428,701Reliable energy at homeSupport for people who can't work 1,770,787Support for people who can't work