Anatomy of a Pulse Lab

How does Global Pulse do Big Data R&D projects at the UN? Meet a typical Pulse Lab team

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Global Pulse Annual Report 2013

Over the past year Global Pulse has focused our efforts on advocating for the responsible use of Big Data, building partnerships for access to real-time data sources, cutting edge data mining tools and data science expertise. The Annual Report 2013 summarizes this activity and explains how the UN's data science labs operate and innovate.
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Thoughts on the Google Flu Trends debate

Data Scientist Alex Rutherford examines the recent controversy surrounding Google Flu Trends and asks what the research community can collectively learn from Google's experience.

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Combining "Big" and "Small" Data to Build Urban Resilience

The SMART Infrastructure Facility project Research project aims to help communities tackle the chronic problem of flooding in the Indonesian capital, using a combination of crowdsourced data, social media and big data analysis.

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Combining "Big" and "Small" Data to Build Urban Resilience in Jakarta

Giulio Quaggiotto Apr 9, 2014
Interview with Etienne Turpin and Tomas Holderness, directors of The SMART Infrastructure Facility project aims to help communities tackle the chronic...

Thoughts on the Google Flu Trends debate

Alex Rutherford Apr 3, 2014
 Back in 2008 launched Google Flu Trends, a tool which used records of the number of times Google search engine users searched for certain terms, to predict outbreaks of the flu. This...

How our Data Scientists Work with Academia

Alex Rutherford Mar 26, 2014
In my role as a data scientist at Global Pulse, working in the field of big data for public good, it's important for me to exchange ideas with the academic community and gain fresh knowledge from...

Global Privacy Summit: Recap & Reflections

Mila Romanoff Mar 14, 2014
 At Global Pulse we are advocates for robust data protection and privacy practices, and as the resident Privacy Officer, I was keen to see what would come out of the IAPP Global Privacy Summit,...

Is 2014 Really The Year Of Experimentation?

Giulio Quaggiotto Feb 10, 2014
According to Christian Bason, of the Copenhagen-based "Mind Lab," 2014 will be the year of experimentation. I certainly hope his forecast is on the money as I am about to join the...

Global Pulse Annual Report 2013

Jennifer Poole Feb 7, 2014
Last year was the year that development practioners and policymakers embraced 'data for development' as a priority. For many, the sense of urgency was embodied by the High Level Panel's...