Expert Advisory Group publishes report on ‘Data Revolution’

UN Secretary-General's Expert Advisory Group report recommends a data revolution for sustainable development requires investment, innovation and leadership

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"Data Innovation for Policy Makers" Conference - November 2014

Indonesia’s Ministry of Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Pulse Lab Jakarta, the Knowledge Sector Initiative and UNDP Innovation Facility, to host International Conference On Data Innovation For Policy Makers in Bali.

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Data Privacy Group established

Global Pulse announces establishment of Data Privacy Advisory Group, that brings together public and private sector, academia and civil society experts.

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Meet the Global Pulse Donors

The Global Pulse initiative is generously supported through voluntary contributions from UN Member States, agencies and private foundations.

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How a low-tech mobile app is changing the way Indonesia responds to disasters

Guest Post by Lulu Muhammad and Gina Meutia Dec 16, 2014
Did you know that nearly eight out of ten Indonesians have access to cell phones? We are talking about over 230 million people across three time zones and out of those users; around 61 million...

Measuring the Information Society and Big Data

Jenny Poole Dec 4, 2014
Government officials and ICT experts came together to discuss the future of ICT measurement and data analysis at the 12th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium (WTIS), held in Tbilisi,...

Using twitter to get ground truth on floods: an interview with Floodtags founder Jurjen Wagemaker

Giulio Quaggiotto Nov 19, 2014
 You are a water engineer by background. How did you come up with the idea for Floodtags?As a water engineer, it has always been a great challenge to understand the situation on the ground (...

Establishment of Data Privacy Advisory Group

Global Pulse Nov 19, 2014
As attention to data privacy and protection continues to grow, Global Pulse is pleased to announce the establishment of a Data Privacy Advisory Group, that brings together public and private sector,...

What Digital Data Can Tell Us About Contraception and Teenage Pregnancy

Chris Lukolyo Nov 19, 2014
  The work of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Uganda includes helping ensure that people have access to family planning and contraception to reduce STI's and unplanned...

"Data Innovation for Policy Makers" Conference to be held in Indonesia

Global Pulse Nov 12, 2014
As the recent report of the United Nations Secretary-General's Expert Advisory Group on Data Revolution noted, the data landscape for policy makers is rapidly changing. New technologies...