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Our culture

As the Secretary-General’s Innovation Lab, our culture thrives on collaboration, experimentation and a shared commitment to a UN 2.0. We are not afraid to play with alternative ways of doing things; to try the unconventional. 

Our culture emphasises the importance of cross-functional teamwork, where individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise come together to tackle complex societal challenges.

The team is curious and eager about the work that they do and the infinite possibility to grow and learn from such work and its failures. Open and transparent communication is highly valued, creating an environment where ideas and perspectives can freely flow and be respectfully debated.

UN Global Pulse also promotes a culture of plurality and inclusion, recognising the importance of diverse voices and experiences in driving meaningful change. Collaboration extends beyond our immediate team, as partnerships and co-creation with stakeholders, such as the UN family, government agencies, academic institutions and the public, are actively pursued. 

The team culture fosters a sense of purpose and collective responsibility, inspiring the team to push boundaries and drive transformative innovations for the betterment of people and people.