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UN Global Pulse Uganda plays a catalytic role alongside partners to co-create an environment that enables the appreciation and responsible use of data and AI for social, economic and national development.

The team supports the government of Uganda in developing a national data strategy and implementing data use cases in specific cities, to maximise the value of data through governance, skill, awareness and trust building.

Previously, the team supported the development of the 4th Industrial Revolution Strategy for Uganda and collaborated with partners to co-develop Ethical AI Frameworks and data exchange roadmaps for Ghana and Uganda in 2022.

UN Global Pulse Uganda’s aim is to form strategic partnerships that will foster a multi-stakeholder approach to digital innovation and other new cutting-edge technologies.

Our History

Established in 2015, UN Global Pulse in Uganda, then called Pulse Lab Kampala, started as a big data innovation lab with a mandate to foster data discovery and access for social good. The team explored the potential impact of several data types and discovered radio as a novel dataset, making the voices of every Ugandan accessible. This led to worldwide innovation of the radio mining and analysis tool to tap into public radio conversations for perceptions that can inform the SDGs. Notably, this tool helped to provide insights into online misinformation and disinformation that put people at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more about this work here and here.

As one of the first of its kind, Pulse Lab Kampala served as an expert/knowledge hub in the greater south, piloting novel data and AI-driven solutions that demonstrated the potential of data to the UN and government counterparts. The team partnered with several organizations, from the private and public sectors, creating frameworks for the ethical use of data & AI and co-created use cases that have demonstrated the potential of data and advanced the work of the SDGs. Additionally, UN Global Pulse Uganda partnered with academia to facilitate and conduct capacity-building in the data science discipline on the African continent.

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Want to learn more about the work of UN Global Uganda or how to collaborate? Feel free to contact us at uganda@unglobalpulse.org.

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