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UN Global Pulse serves as the UN Secretary-General’s Innovation Lab – his cross-pillar lead and hub for experimentation and digital innovation in support of leadership priorities and in advancement of the UN Charter.


UN Global Pulse envisions a world in which responsible and inclusive digital innovation serves people, advances their sustainable development, and protects the planet.​


UN Global Pulse works at the intersection of digital innovation and the human sciences to inform, inspire, and strengthen the ability of the UN family and those it serves to anticipate, respond, and adapt to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

To further advance innovation and develop required capabilities across the UN, UN Global Pulse draws on a range of approaches and tools, including data science, strategic foresight, behavioural science, and digital technologies. These efforts are part of a wider transformation in methods and practices towards a “UN 2.0”, which will offer more relevant and system-wide solutions to 21st Century challenges. 

UN Global Pulse operates as a globally distributed network with physical presence in Finland (Helsinki), Indonesia (Jakarta), Uganda (Kampala), and the United States (New York), bringing together multidisciplinary teams of data scientists, engineers, designers, social scientists, and communication, data privacy, and legal experts.


Digital Innovations

Advance digital innovations to achieve the SDGs, respond effectively to crises and address emerging global challenges.

Global Frameworks

Facilitate the development of global frameworks to maximize the impact of digital innovation, minimize the risk of harm and create pathways to scale and sustainability.

UN Transformation

Support the transformation of the UN family into a more dynamic and resilient ‘next-generation’ institution.


UN Global Pulse brings together governments, UN entities, and partners from academia and the private sector to design, co-create, and scale innovations. Strategic partnerships at global, regional, and country level are a key component for joint innovation at UN Global Pulse.


Expand the boundary of thinking on crucial challenges by strengthening the ability of the UN to apply strategic foresight in its programmatic work.


Using agile and multidisciplinary teams, UN Global Pulse co-creates and validates solutions which contribute to the SDGs and to other emerging needs such as crisis prevention/response.


Function as a go-to convener for coalitions, bringing the public and private sectors together to catalyze and scale innovation.

Below you can find our latest examples of our collaborative research, prototypes and experiments, where we analyse digital data to advance global development, support humanitarian action, and promote peace. For more, go to the research projects page.

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Pulse Lab New York

UN Open GIS Initiative: Geo-AI Working Group

UN Global Pulse has joined the UN Open GIS Initiative as co-chair of a newly formed Geo-AI Working Group alongside the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). UN Open GIS is

Below you can find our newest digital tools, prototypes and microsites. For more, go to the microsites & tools page.

News, thoughts and ideas about big data and AI, data privacy and ethics from across the Pulse Lab Network. Read more on the blog.

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