Why Artificial Intelligence Might Owe You Something

We are now at an inflection point around the use of AI, and in order for us as a society to decide what it is we really want to do with it, we first need to break it down. 

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Principles on Personal Data Protection and Privacy

The UN system has adopted the first Principles on Personal Data Protection and Privacy, an effort led by the UN Privacy Policy Group that Global Pulse co-chairs. 

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UN and Dataminr partner to use AI for humanitarian response

UN Global Pulse and Dataminr announced a partnership to equip thousands of United Nations (UN) personnel with Dataminr’s First Alert product for the public sector.

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New study by Global Pulse uses AI to create fake UN speeches

UN Global Pulse released a new study discussing the risks that can arise from the malicious use of automated text generation software, and the potential impacts. 

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The "Pulse Lab Diaries"

A blog series with thoughts & ideas from data science teams across the entire Pulse Lab network.

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AI for All - The principle of solidarity in AI ethics

Miguel Luengo-Oroz Oct 21, 2019
Dr. Miguel Luengo-Oroz is the Chief Data Scientist of UN Global Pulse. In a piece for Nature Machine Intelligence magazine, he discusses why solidarity should be a primary principle of AI ethics....

Advisory Group on the Governance of Data and AI: Call for Nominations 2019 / 2020

UN Global Pulse Oct 17, 2019
UN Global Pulse is pleased to open the call for nominations for new members to the Advisory Group on the Governance of Data and AI, the deadline for which is 5 November 2019. In 2014 UN...

Imagining The Year 2030

Dwayne Carruthers, Communication Specialist, Pulse Lab Jakarta Oct 9, 2019
Dwayne Carruthers has been working as a communications specialist with Pulse Lab Jakarta for over two years. He recently spent time at Pulse Lab New York to assist with UNGA 2019. Below are...

Data and AI for Progress during UNGA

Felicia Vacarelu, Communication Specialist, UN Global Pulse Oct 1, 2019
Innovation activities across the UN today are looking to modernize how we operate, how we function more effectively in the digital landscape, and how we adopt a more proactive approach to crisis...

Tracing Migration Patterns Across Indonesia

Pulse Lab Jakarta Aug 20, 2019
The rapid pace of rural to urban migration in recent decades has added new dimensions and challenges for urban planners and social policymakers. Gaining an understanding of the general trends...

Mapping Smallholder Farmers in Indonesia to Inform Agriculture Policies

Pulse Lab Jakarta Aug 8, 2019
As the world’s population continues to increase, governments have been stepping up efforts to ensure that citizens have access to safe and adequate food supply. The Sustainable Development...