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. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

UN Global Pulse is the UN Secretary-General’s initiative on big data and artificial intelligence for development, humanitarian action, and peace. 

Our vision is a future in which big data, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies are harnessed safely and responsibly for the public good.

News, thoughts and ideas about big data and AI, data privacy and ethics from across the Pulse Lab Network. Read more on the blog.

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UN Hosts First AIS Big Data Hackathon

On 3-6 September 2020 the United Nations Statistics Division, along with UNCTAD, UN Global Pulse, Marine Traffic, and CCRi, hosted the UN’s first AIS Big

Below you can find our latest examples of our collaborative research, prototypes and experiments, where we analyse digital data to advance global development, support humanitarian action, and promote peace. For more, go to the research projects page.

Explore our white papers, data innovation guides, project briefs and other types of publications. See more in the library.

Below you can find our newest digital tools, prototypes and microsites. For more, go to the microsites & tools page.

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