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Author(s): John Bessant, Ian Gray and Patricia Loh


You can find a digital version of the Scaling the Summit Primer here.

In 2015, the world embraced 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. Halfway through, we are significantly off-track. But victory often hinges on the second half. To make progress, we must evolve our offerings and delivery methods. Innovation will play a pivotal role in realigning us back on course and in propelling us forward; however, even the most promising innovations need to be amplified in their ability to catalyse change. 

To support the UN 2.0 vision for a dynamic and reinforced UN that is ready to respond to the rapidly evolving challenges of today, “Scaling the Summit: A primer on how to scale innovations for impact for the UN System” by UN Global Pulse aims to guide conversations around priming innovations for scale to unlock their full potential in addressing global needs. 

The Innovation Scaling primer presents five key questions alongside additional resources that can guide the evaluation of whether an innovation has the required support for scale, and can also serve as a framework for checking the readiness or ability of an innovation to be taken to the next level.