For the UN to deliver better results for people and the planet, sometimes it needs to step back and streamline its own procedures. UN Global Pulse Jakarta has centred its work around developing systems that help the UN Country Team (UNCT) in Indonesia achieve its specific goals. Through this, UN Global Pulse Jarkarta initiated a use-case-centric approach to help UNCT Indonesia and the Data for SDGs, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Working Group address gaps in data usage per the UN Data Strategy.

This strategy aligns with the UN Country Team’s fourth strategic priority in Indonesia’s UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (UNSDCF) 2021-2025: Innovation for SDG acceleration. A top priority is improving data about People with Disabilities and sharing it more widely so that UN agencies can make better decisions.

Our impact

Facilitating better data management and accessibility should improve the lives of people with disabilities by improving decision making and enabling the UN to deliver more effectively. By proving the value of this approach, we hope to use data to promote other reforms within the UN, the Indonesian government and in civil society.

Our lessons

  • Results of our work on disability data demonstrated the value of targeted, data-driven interventions to help the UN Country Team achieve its strategic priorities in Indonesia. This approach emphasised the need for effective data management and interagency data flows. The project reaffirmed the importance of aligning our data strategies with the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework’s strategic priorities.