The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a vast amount of research to support detection, patterns of transmission, treatment, development of vaccines and impacts of the pandemic. UN Global Pulse is working with partners from academia, research institutes, private sector companies, and civil society to support the UN Family.

Data-Driven Projects

 We’ve been conducting research to scale high-impact data science to respond to the pandemic.

Pulse Lab New York

Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic in Real-Time

Falsehoods, which can range from deliberate lies to genuine confusion and errors, often travel alongside novel threats like COVID-19. But the problem has been so prevalent with the coronavirus pandemic

Mentions of UN Global Pulse’s COVID-19 work in the media.

We’ve been working with the scientific community to produce AI methodologies that can help COVID-19 response.

This page contains a select list of data protection and privacy resources related to the COVID-19 epidemic. 

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