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Author(s): Pulse Lab Kampala


UN Global Pulse is working with partners to explore how data from social media and radio shows can inform peace and security efforts in Africa. The methodology, case studies, and tools developed as part of these efforts are detailed in a new report entitled: Experimenting with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Support Peace and Security. This report outlines the experimentation process, methods of analysis, results and lessons learned from two test cases. The first test case used data mined from social media, namely posts from public Facebook pages and groups, to analyse how influencers and fake news might be shaping discussions among online users in Somalia and to identify trending topics relevant to SDG 16. The second test case analysed public discussions on radio broadcasts to detect instances of rumors and misconceptions, social tensions and testimonials that cause social alarm in Uganda. It also details the functionalities of QataLog, a new tool that UN Global Pulse is developing to help extract, analyse and visualize data.