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2022 was a troubled year in which the world had hardly recovered from one crisis – the COVID-19 pandemic – before it faced another – the damage caused by the war in Ukraine. But this challenging year gave Global Pulse a chance to show the value of its innovative work to the UN family, the wider humanitarian sector and society as a whole.

From Asia and Africa to Europe and the Americas, UN Global Pulse and its partners brought innovation and data to bear on the toughest real-life problems. Whether it was working to unlock data for the common good, enabling Indonesia to identify safe areas during the pandemic or allowing aid teams in Brazil to predict refugee movements from Venezuela, we changed the lives of citizens and communities for the better.

Bold in experimenting, quick to learn and focused on results, UN Global Pulse has gone from strength to strength to become a full-scale innovation lab, serving as the UN Secretary-General’s innovation lab to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for humanity’s future. We have a strategy aligned with his priorities, which we finalised in 2022. In particular, we back UN transformation with capacity building and methodological support, strengthening the organization’s ability to serve people and the planet.