This project addresses the need for inclusive and diverse approaches to foresight practices in support of the UN Secretary General’s vision for the future of global cooperation, Our Common Agenda. We worked with practitioners, communities and stakeholders, conducted research and led training, using community events and gamified assessments to reach collaborative recommendations.

We uncovered and challenged hidden assumptions and biases in foresight and development practices. In response, we incorporated diverse perspectives and explored colonial legacies that continue to oppress Black, Brown, and Indigenous people. We also explored the ways people may suffer compound discrimination based on overlapping social identities. These decolonial and intersectional approaches have become an essential part of the foresight process and how UN Global Pulse’s foresight team works.

Our impact

We developed recommendations and tools for the wider UN foresight community that help staff members better understand all the elements that will influence the future, and help them develop realistic strategies that respond to the challenges. Engaging practitioners and creating a safe space for sharing concerns and ideas on the use of foresight in development within the UN was a significant outcome.

We supported partners like UNFPA Colombia and the government of Colombia in changing the way they do their strategic planning. These engagements helped us formulate practical guidance for colleagues practising foresight and implementing inclusive approaches. We have developed gamified assessment cards to be used at workshops, where they will help foresight communities incorporate inclusivity and diversity into project design.

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