Uganda’s Ministry of Information and Communications and Technology and National Guidance asked UN Global Pulse and other partners to help develop a National Data Strategy after a 2022 review revealed shortcomings: limited data sharing, data fragmentation, data silos, lack of common data standards, and a lack of trust in the data ecosystem. For Uganda to foster a coordinated and vibrant data-driven economy, data needs to be shared responsibly across sectors.

Our impact

The National Data Strategy Is guided by a vision of a coordinated and vibrant data-driven economy. It is set to cover all data generated in Uganda, whatever  the size, source, and format, and will also address all stages of data life cycle from creation, collection, storage, use, protection, access, sharing and deletion. 

The Strategy calls for data to be used in an innovative and responsible way to transform Uganda’s development, and to maximize the value of data through governance, training, awareness and trust building.